MIXX Awards for UM Zagreb

At this year’s MIXX Awards competition, the UM Zagreb agency received an award in the Cross-Media Integration Campaign category for “ Opjevani junaci ” realized for the Zagreb pivovara (Ožujsko pivo brand).


The aim of the project was to design an upgrade of the socially responsible Ožujsko pivo campaign and enable citizens across Croatia to thank ordinary people who showed their heroism in 2020 by helping others in need, and based on that create a trace, an eternal memory of noble deeds of known and unknown heroes. .

The brief that the agency received was that Zagrebačka pivovara wants to contribute even more to the community and continue with CSR activities, which is why we proposed in cooperation with partners that the project be an upgrade to something that everyone needed on a human, emotional level. The UM Zagreb agency asked itself: why do unsung heroes have to be unsung? Why not give people the opportunity to sing all those who helped them in difficult times and show heroism, then together create a lasting reminder of the greatness of the human spirit that we witnessed in 2020?

The campaign was realized so that individuals could write verses in honor of those who selflessly help others in need. The selected best verses were translated into the song “Heroes” sung by the famous singer Vanna as an expression of gratitude to all the heroes – doctors, firefighters, alpinists, and others. At the same time, murals have been painted in the largest Croatian cities, reminding people every day of the real heroes among us.

As a media agency in this project, the challenge was to create a campaign to encourage the public to write lyrics, and then for the song itself to reach as many people as possible. When the whole team enjoys working on a project, in this case a campaign with one noble goal, it gives additional motivation and then the response to media challenges is a pleasure. The campaign was extremely successful, but at that moment no one could have thought that they would bring us an award. Getting recognition for your work is always flattering, but winning a MIXX award that is a confirmation of colleagues and / from the industry means that you have really done something that rules! ” points out a young member of the team Emanuela Švraka Online Media Account Manager UM Zagreb.

Getting recognition for your work from industry colleagues always shows that you are doing something good. In these times of crisis and pandemic, it has been shown that the Croatian advertising industry is still the strongest when it is most difficult, so this year there were over 80 top projects in the competition for the Mixx awards. Therefore, in the great competition to stand out as an agency with one winning work and one finalist gives this award even greater significance. The feeling is great, but we also got a lot of motivation to keep working on media strategies and campaigns that will make a positive difference not only on the business results of our clients, but in society as a whole – just as the winning campaign “Opjevani junaci” did. ” points out Ivan Brozovic, Head of Online Media UM Zagreb

The campaign was realized in cooperation with the agency Degordian (digital creative and web development) where UM Zagreb was the media agency in charge of media strategy and campaign. The MIXX awards are given to the highest quality works of the Croatian communications industry and this year they were awarded for the eleventh time in a row.

Watch the entire song at the link